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US service Blade & Soul operating in January 2016

NCsoft announced that the United States serving "Blade & Soul" will be fully operational January 19, 2016. It is reported that this will be open 45 level cap, open seven occupations, 30 copies, PVP content tourney field, and so on. US service version of the fee arrangement for the free + membership, specific model similar to the service station charging methods. Do not forget, when the release time and race have enough game currency, BNS gold, also known as blade and soul gold. Now, you can buy gold BNS have very cheap prices at our website,

Well, there are four weeks away from launch, and January 19 also marks your ability to get the package in the end founder. In addition to obtaining the test this weekend, which is the Founder of the package may receive additional benefits and unique rewards, including a large number of NCoin, if the players buy in advance to book the package, can advance into the gaming experience on January 15. Now, if only to buy gold quickly to attend beta BNS.

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