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Pre-order the upcoming Demon Hunter

World of Warcraft - Demon Hunter Soon upcoming time since the Legion pre-patch July 20, want to know a lot of fans of Warcraft, Demon Hunter will now finally playable. Because Blizzard has finally announced in advance, to get ahead of any new class corps who will be introduced at the beginning already. Yes, but without an appointment - this has now changed, however.

In Europe, the Demon Hunter will now from August 10. With the new hero, you are allowed to explore not only the starting area Mardum and guardians prison. In addition, the old demon hunter must go plug in all areas - that is, up to and including Delano - at first adventure.

But August 10 herald further innovation - the Legion's invasion begins. Corps official release, during which people can get hold of, including unique pets or special events transmog sets before.

This should shorten the wait for some of the World of Warcraft plug-ins released.

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