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Free Starter-Pack Giveaway for MU Legend

With a smooth release, a stable daily server environment, the opening of new servers and a record number of users, WEBZEN is now offering free starter packs to players

To support MU Legend's new players, WEBZEN has teamed up with MMO websites to award free MU Legend starter packs to their readers and communities. From today until all coupons have run out, players can visit the sites of any of WEBZEN's media partners to get a special coupon code, which grants:
- Platinum Service (3 Days) 
- Type A Costume (3 Days)
- Constellation Wings (3 Days)
- Holy Recovery Potion L x10

Coupon codes are limited to one use per WEBZEN account.Cheap mu legend zen Full details on participating media sites will later be shared on the official website and Facebook page.

Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin, commented: "Of all the games we've published, MU Legend's launch is up there with the most satisfying: A smooth release without any technical hiccups, daily server stability and the largest influx of players that we've ever seen in the entire history of the company! We had to open new servers to facilitate the continual arrival of newcomers, and the tides show no signs of turning yet! Thanks to our media partners, we're able to offer a "cherry on top" package to everyone who wants to try MU Legend."

Additionally, Buy mu legend zen thousands of players are due to receive their first special titles, awarded for participating in the CBTs and the stress test. These marks of recognition will be delivered to those early pioneers today, November 14th.

If you need buy mu legend zen you can find at and mu legend redzen All here!

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