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2018 Path of Exile Xbox One Patch Note

After Path of Exile 3.1.1c patch,Xbox One console version of PoE welcomes its first patch on Jan 3, 2018, fullof sincerity! The new title Path of Exile:The War For The Atlas implies therise of the end-game map. This expansion tells us a story of the war betweentwo mysterious entities – The Shaper and The Elder, who are vying for controlof the Atlas. willintroduce the highlights of this PoE 3.1.1c Patch Note to all of our fans.

New Contents:
* 32 new maps (2 unique maps inside) – The Atlas has been redrawn. Find your way to the center through new paths and discover new challenges along the way. War for the Atlas adds 32 maps to Path of Exile's ever-evolving end-game.
* Shaped and Elder items – These items can be only got territory of Shaper or the Elder, or by defeating the Shaper or Elder themselves. Shaped and Elder items can obtain mods not found elsewhere, as well as higher-tier versions of some existing mods.
* New Skill Gems – Dex/Int Skill Gem – Unearth, Dex Skill Gem – Cremation, Int/Dex Skill Gem – Bodyswap, Dex/Int Skill Gem – Volatile Dead, Int Skill Gem – Despair, Int Support Gem – Storm Barrier Support, Dex Support Gem – Volley Support, Int Support Gem – Spell Cascade Support, Str Support Gem – Ancestral Call Support, Dex Support Gem – Mirage Archer Support. Check Details of those Skill Gems in or PoE 3.1 Guide later on!
* Abyss Challenge League – It’s a great chance for rookies to start in a new economy. All of your old characters and properties will remain in the Standard and Hardcore leagues, but you're encouraged to join the new leagues, challenges more for lucrative loots in Path of Exile!
Minor Bug Fixes & Balance Tweaks
* The targeting mechanism of many skills has been revised into a better control feeling, especially when in targeting large aims.
* Updated the item frames to fit the current UI.
* Added a system for scaling the visual effects of ailments based on the size of the mob.
* Improved the effects for monster rarities and ailments. Tweaked a lot of skills, areas, monsters and effects.
* Slayer’s Bratal Fervour skill won’t grants 10% of max life per second to max life leech rate.
* Silver Chests rewards upgraded in items quantity.
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* Now the game supports Spanish, German and French Languages. Marching into European market!
* Add an option to display HP, MP and Energy Shield values over their respective HUD.
* Improved Map highlighting and selecting on the Atlas panel.
* Fixed several missing stats now can display on the Character panel correctly, including increases to item quantity and rarity, as well as extra attributes like Frenzy, Endurance and Power charges.
Path of Exile Update for XB1 Patch Note summarized by

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